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Kristina Falcomer is a raw and influential pop artist living and working in Toronto Canada. Never one to settle for the mundane dystopian ideology that society burdens us with, Kristina’s work embodies youthful curiosity, subversive context and wonderment. An avid traveller and musician has seasoned Kristina into a prolific professional with ability that sometimes exceed her means. Falcomer’s subject matter ranges from spiritually inspired dreamscapes to politically charged subverted compositions. Her work can be found in many private collections around the globe. To learn more about Kristina please email

Kristina’s presentation of photography has been influenced during her trip to Hong Kong and Vienna.  “I realized there was so much architecture everywhere, it was lacking nature.  I just wanted to look at a wall and see a tree. Then I was inspired to use my photography as a transparency and then to put it on wood with a double part epoxy.”   This is Kristina’s artistic signature.   No one else is doing this right now.  Her photography includes places such as, Hong Kong, Vienna, New York, Chicago, France, Italy, Miami, Nassau (deep waters) and Toronto.

Wood and Photography
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