I Chose The Right Life Night – Kris on Kris

July 27, 2016
Make a choice between staying in or going out and partying…  I usually choose the right night life 😉  usually…

A Song I wrote- Take Me Back

February 13, 2016
Something I have a strong passion for is music. I was very into music majority of my life. All my art is strongly influenced by music. Check it out on my sound cloud.

Charcoal Commissions

February 13, 2016

Past Various Comissions

February 13, 2016

My Photographic Process on WOOD and the Inspiration behind it.

January 22, 2016
I got the idea of putting transparency on wood when i went to Hong Kong and Vienna.  I found there are so many buildings and so much cement.  I was really needing to see nature, I wanted to be able to look at a wall and see actual nature.   Then I was inspired to put the images on wood so I can see nature even in a large city right on a wall!         It is quite difficult to make these pieces, possibly the reason why i have never seen them before.   It takes 3 people to place down this large piece without destroying the print or getting bubbles in the image.  

Meeting the GREAT artist Salustiano at Art Basel Miami

January 22, 2016
  I met Salustiano at the MOMA Art Event in Miami during Art Basel 2015.  He stood out amongst the crowd with an elegant strong glow.   No one could misshim.  He spoke broken english because he is from Spain and I don’t speak much Spanish either but body language always says enough 🙂  Especially between two artists.  Here is a link to his work…       www.salustiano.com     Salustiano: Beyond the Red   CM- You project peace, absolute silence, and great spirituality in each of your creations. Why do you always use such young faces? S- I only seek people who can convey what I want to say with their looks. Most of my models are young people because the young are less contaminated by life’s frustrations and problems. At that age, the spiritual animal that we all carry inside is more intact, and that is what I want to paint. Of course, there are always exceptions and I have found excellent models of all ages.   CM- The apparel and even some of the stances of certain creatures display strong symbolism and mysticism. Can your work be considered a reflection of your spiritual beliefs? S- I agree that my paintings are loaded with spirituality, but I have never been attracted to symbolism. Symbolism is a resource more utilized by romantic artists. I consider that art is divided into only two categories, classic art and romantic art, depending on whether what prevails in a work of art is sentiment over form or form over sentiment. The foundation of classicism is that a painting is just a painting, and not a psychiatrist’s couch. Thus, Matisse, Picasso, Hockney and Kapoor are classicists, while Bacon, Munch, Van Gogh and Nolde are romanticists. That is why my spiritual beliefs do not influence my work; I don’t paint what I feel, but rather what I think. Although I seek emotional results, my oeuvre is based on intellectual and methodical work, mathematical work. It is created through analytical and not emotive labor. I work with the emotions of those who look at my paintings, not with my own. Salustiano’s artwork is on view at Art Rouge Gallery through April 30th, 2010. 46 Northwest 36th St. Miami, FL, 33127. Phone 305 448 2060. www.artrouge.com Chaliang Merino: Art Critic. BA in Art History (Universidad de La Habana); MA in Art Management (St. Thomas University, Miami).  

Mike Weir Winery AMAZING Niagara wine!

January 19, 2016
  Was Invited to the Mike Weir Winery in Niagara Falls.  I must say the wine here is unbelievable as well as their cheese boards!  Will be doing an art show here in the near future!  The environment is modern trendy with a large view of the lake and the vineyard.

David Bowie’s Black Star- Death and Commission

January 11, 2016
  “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”    

Art Basel Miami 2015!

December 6, 2015

Past Events 2012-2015

August 18, 2015 0

The Factory

January 19, 2015
 (Charcoal) Andy Warhol would pass out on his famous red couch in his factory after working non stop for days.  Different types of uppers would play a part in so much work being produced as well as why he crashed so hard.  

The Sun knows no Shadow- Private Art Event 2013.

November 30, 2013